Initiative and Enterprise Skills

Key Skills Employers Look For

Initiative and Enterprise Skills

People who take initiative and make things happen are highly valued in the workplace. Common interview question – “Do you take initiative in the workplace?”

Work on Your Own. Can you work on your own? Able to work without constant supervision and see things that need to be done and do them

Thinking Creatively and Suggesting Ideas. Suggest new and effective ways to getting tasks done. How to make your work more productive, faster etc?. Spotting opportunities to develop the business. Thinking creatively about problems. How to translate ideas into action – suggest practical steps to implement an idea

Being Proactive and Initiating Action. Take an innovative approach to a task or a problem. Able to initiate action. Being proactive and taking an initiative to improve system or procedure. Look beyond the obvious for all facts, information or traditional approach. Minimize potential problems by anticipating and preparing in advance. Being confident and not being afraid of asking questions or guidance. Making decisions based on information available.

Additional responsibilities. Willingness to accept additional responsibilities with a positive attitude. Taking on extra tasks to avoid boredom and learn something new. Accepting direction from others.

Willing to learn. Willing to learn a new skill or technique to make job easier or faster. Adapt to change and new ways of working to changing technologies, processes, situations or environments. Learn new tasks in case you are required to help out in emergencies or absences.

Willing to Lead. Ability to take control of a situation and have the courage to take initiative and lead a team with enthusiasm

Without being told. Go beyond the expectations of your job, without being asked. Getting things done without being told. A self starter sees what needs to be done and does it. He does not require explicit instruction, encouragement or jobs formally assigned to him